Doors hold us together and protect each of our dreams.
Doors provide safety, freedom, warmth, comfort, and peace. Every customer has their individual needs. Every building has their own style, and suits different designs of doors. Linyang seeks to look after the tiniest details from model design, construction method, material selection, hardware accessories, and purpose of use. With our greatest passion, we dedicate to provide service that is exquisite, unique, and customized.
Material Selection

Finely selected raw materials, quality guaranteed

We pick our raw material with highest standards. All timbers, steels, and paints are carefully selected to assure good quality. They are processed in ways suitable for different environments to prolong durability.


Follow the natural grains, discover the true color of logs.

With decades of experience, our master carpenters are able to reserve the natural beauty of the grains during planing. Every log is a gift from nature and deserves to be treated with respect and gratitude.



Delicate alignment, simple harmony

Each piece of log is one of a kind, and presents unique patterns. Some of them go along with each other and some don't. Our master carpenters take this into consideration during alignment to achieve aesthetic harmony.



Precise measurements, perfect presentation

All pieces must be assembled with correct size, angle, and position. Even the tiniest mistake could result in a flawed product. We measure down each component with great precision to create the perfect end-product.


Spa treatment for the logs, smooth texture

The texture of the end products dictates how the logs should be sanded. We apply different sanding techniques in accordance to desired styles and designs. The enhanced texture could be felt with every touch.

Mortise and Tenon

Tight connection, traditional spirit

The mortise and tenon joints are the most delicate technique passed on from tradition. It requires knowledge of the physical properties of the woods and local climate conditions. With experiences built over generations, we are able to construct joints that can withstand humidity and thermal expansion and contraction in Taiwan.

Quality Control

Multiple checks, quality assurance

Every product is double-checked for quality control. The first checkpoint is before painting. And the second checkpoint happens right before packaging. At each point, all products are scrutinized for flaws to make sure that we provide only the best to our customers.


The humid climate conditions pose great challenges on wood-products as they may become deformed due to dampening and thermal expansion and contraction.
To overcomes this, Linyang has studied the local climate carefully and come up with solutions. Starting from raw material, we pick out timbers that are more durable and adaptive of various weather conditions. During processing, we opt the traditional mortise and tenon joints to reserve space for size change caused by thermal fluctuations. We also use multiple techniques, designs, and constructive methods which makes our products more sustainable. We offer a variety of choices to our customers while maintaining quality, functionality, and aesthetics.
All steel materials are layered and marked with the aid of computer software, and then enters the CNC process. This ensures the unity and precision of our models.